About the Muslim Caucus of America


The 2016 election was a wake-up call for Muslim Americans and the organizations that protect their values. The Muslim Caucus of America has responded with an unprecedented focus on activism and is enacting change. In July 2014, President Obama made reference to the “achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.” Despite being part of the American story, Muslim Americans remain vastly underrepresented and largely excluded from the political process.

Given the current state of the Muslim electoral power, the Muslim Caucus of America is poised to be a strategic partner to our affiliates across the 50 states in catalyzing democratic renewal. The Muslim Caucus of America is on a bold path, expanding and producing a solid organizational structure to strengthen our grassroots multi-state affiliate base to build real Muslim American Electoral Power. By mobilizing the shared aspirations and hopes of the Muslim people in all their diversity, our politics will be reshaped, and the American democratic promise extended to all.

The Muslim Caucus of America (Muslim Caucus) is changing the political terrain of our country in a way that creates opportunity and advances racial and religious equity for all. Muslim Caucus is a grassroots movement embodying the democratic will and political courage of Muslim Americans by bringing together dedicated leaders from every region to craft the reforms and support the hard choices through which we will address our challenges. That is how real change has happened before in American history and that is how it will happen again!

Our Vision

To transform the face of civic power, leadership, and electoral politics in the United States. 

Our Mission

To Build a solid, visionary, and engaged Muslim Democratic Constituency that is unstoppable with an infrastructure of shared commitment across the 50 states to Electoralize and build American Muslim Political Power. 

What We Do

  • Build: Capacity building and training affiliates on policy analysis, alliance building, communications, and volunteer mobilizing so that community members lead and are recognized for that leadership.
  • Lift: Elevating our affiliates and issues at the national level; bridging the worlds of grassroots activists, policy makers, and national progressive voices to run national policy campaigns, mobilize millions and win change that makes American lives better.
  • Amplify: Support and equip grassroots activists with the tools to share their experiences and demand change. We listen to people rather than spinning them or demonizing them and engage working people in the practice of democracy EVERY DAY—not just at election time.
  • Connect: facilitating peer to peer learning and connecting groups to one another to sharpen strategies, raise the profile of organizing at the national level, and build power in coalitions to overcome the entrenched interests that block progress.

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